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Richard, the photographer.

Fascinated by the efforts that people make to be unique, Richards work displays images of individuality.

The people who form his work all have a personal quality that makes them stand out beyond the norm.

Born in the south of England Richard grew up and moved all over the country including the North East of England, Cheshire, Sussex and The West Midlands picking up accents as he went. The other thing he picked up at a young age was a camera, and everything grew from there.


His career started on a low budget British film called Distant Shadow, shooting the production and promotional stills. After one of the locations burned down - a seafront hotel in Brighton - it gave him an excuse to badger The Brighton Argus newspaper for a portfolio meeting and to show the last photographs of the hotel before it burned down. Thankfully, the fire had nothing to do with the film shoot.


He took his photography to see the Chief Photographer hoping to be given a chance to shoot their daily news and features. The meeting went well. He stayed there for 5 years until the bright lights of London called and stints as a news, features and celebrity photographer began at some of the country's best and most well known picture agencies; Big Pictures, Images International, Kent News & Pictures, NewsPics and Barcroft Media.


As time moved on an opportunity to live and work in India landed on his lap. A nosey traveller by nature Richard packed his bags, jetted off and enjoyed meeting and photographing some of life's most incredible people and places. Two visits to the worlds largest family lead to some of Richards most widely seen images and a documentary on National Geographic. His film of The Incredible Snake Girl of India now records in excess of 21 million views on You Tube.

Eventually the time came to return to England and he settled near Birmingham in the West Midlands - it seemed like the best place to be being in the middle of anywhere he’d likely need to be - and he continues to produce images of life's most interesting people.

An Accredited Photographer member of the Association of Photographers, in 2020 he was awarded Runner Up in the British Photography Awards having had 2 images shortlisted from the thousands submitted to the competition. 

If you would like to commission Richard, collaborate on a project or use one of his photographs, get in touch using the details on the contact page.

Until then, sit back, flick through a selection of photographs that represent a career of freezing moments in life.

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